Take four yoga asana breaks in a work schedule of eight hours

March 28, 2021
By Dr. Anand Godse,

Take four yoga asana breaks in a work schedule of eight hours

What happens if you don’t?

1. Learning Yoga asanas is one part of your health story, and the other half is experimenting the postures in your daily routine
2. A sedentary lifestyle and long hours of screen time are straining for the neck and the back
3. Gadgets and screens also cause your eyes and temples to strain

What happens if you do?

1. Health breaks and yoga breaks are found to be increasing creative relaxation, according to recent studies
2. Posture correction and increased mind body awareness improves interest in work
3. It’s also a good disengagement from a heated discussion, an angry decision or a stuck thought process

How does it work?

1. The early humans were never as sedentary as we are and that is the reason our body inevitably likes activity
2. Yoga asana are actually postures that are observed in nature. Observing those in nature can help
3. A dog, a cat, a snake, and many other animals too are your yoga gurus! Recall and imitate


1. Simple urdhvabaddhangulyasan is a great stretch for the upper body
2. Chair twisting (but only with empty stomach) is good for the abdominal region and back muscles
3. Ardhauttanasan and uttanasan can activate your hamstrings and calves as well as mentally calm you down

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