We are on a mission to help you be healthier!

Leading you on a journey of managing, preventing, and reversing chronic health conditions

With the support of the latest research – Smit.fit aims to overcome a decades-old misconception and establish the preventability, as well as, reversibility of diabetes.

Through our extensive expertise and ever-expanding community, we aid in dealing with chronic health conditions that require constant vigilance.

From constrained living to a fuller life with Smit.fit

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How Smit.fit works

Start your healthcare journey in 3 simple steps

Step 1
Step 1

Quick onboarding

When you download the Smit.fit app, we take you through a quick onboarding process to gather your health and lifestyle data such as height, weight, exercise routine, diet type, sleep patterns, diabetes data, and medication among other critical information.

Step 2
Step 2

Smit.fit builds your unique LifePlan within minutes

Based on the information provided, we establish essential clinical parameters and lifestyle goals. We bring these together into our Pentagon of Self-Care Mastery, which allows you to track and improve your healthcare practices.

Step 3
Step 3

Set personalised goals and track your progress

Smit.fit can track physical activity through Apple Health and Google Fit integrations.

Additionally, you can add your medication schedules, calorie intake, as well as, set 90-day goals for weight, blood pressure, and blood glucose (including HbA1c).

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Take charge of your health with Smit.fit

Explore our


Take charge of your health
with Smit.fit


Pentagon of Self-care

Your Life Plan is designed to achieve these 5 goals

Smit.fit Pentagon of Self Care


Tracking your sleep helps doctor identify patterns and suggest corrections.



Monitoring your unique food intake and habit helps structure a diet best suited for diabetes management



Self-assessment of blood pressure, body weight, and sugar levels allows experts to review vitals and provide necessary assistance.


Medication Adherence

Tracking medication and dosage helps reveal patterns which can be worked upon to manage your diabetes better



Exercise is prescribed to serve as the best insulin sensitizer - helping reduce blood sugar levels and risk of hypertension


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