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Gain mastery over chronic conditions

Living with chronic conditions such as diabetes is tough, with everything you need to manage. Take control and achieve mastery over your life with! This is a complete solution that harmonizes all your self-care needs into one simple schedule.

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Chronic Illness Management solution has 4 core elements

The objective is to help you gain mastery over your condition, deliver clear health impact in the 3-6 months’ timeframe and move you to a new model of living with these conditions (from “constrained” to “fuller life”) solution has 4 core elements:

  • Integrated self-care software platform with several functionalities including goal setting, daily planning (“Life plans”), resource libraries (yoga, exercises, diet etc.), health data tracking (across 5+ vitals) and nudges
  • Human coaches (psychologists, dieticians, exercise consultants etc.) who ensure constant monitoring and encouragement, coupled with expert advice
  • Smart medical devices (sleep tracking, glucometer, BP, weighing machine etc.)
  • Community and related events

It’s a subscription based model where we sign up participants for quarterly or annual plans.

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