Optimize your TALK!

March 28, 2021
By Dr. Anand Godse,

Optimize your TALK! Try the way of मौन (Silence!)

A considerable amount of energy is invested when we talk. Talking expends a great deal of energy, and is closely associated to your intellectual and emotional needs. Although it is necessary to talk, it is also necessary to optimize your talking time. This week’s challenge: मौन! Reduced talk time. There is power in Silence.

What happens if you don’t?

Why is मौन (silence) important?

1. Feeling rested and refreshed is possible only if your mind is silent. Continuous chatter leads to fragmented thoughts and reduced focus
2. Thinking and continuous talking also leads to loss of energy and increased heightened state
3. Lack of silence leads to increased conflicts, and therefore anger

What happens if you do?

How is मौन (silence)useful?

1. It keeps your physiological process in control and balance
2. It helps you declutter your mind
3. It helps you to analyze and take better decisions
4. It gives you more time to react to the situation
5. It helps in controlling anger and anxiety
6. It helps you look at yourself more objectively

How does it work?

How does मौन (silence) work?

Talking to others and the continuous self-talk initiates a chain reaction, whereas मौन (silence) is a good break. Identify the following:

1. How can you identify and eliminate the unessential talk?
2. Why do you talk? What do you hope to achieve through talking?
3. How are you talking? Is it too much and is draining you? Or is it less?

Observing how and how much you talk can help you be more mindful!

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