Eat your food peacefully for 20 minutes

March 28, 2021
By Swati Chandrasekhar,

What happens if you don’t?

1. Causes hyperacidity due to improper breakdown of food
2. Reduces metabolism and increases the tendency to accumulate fat
3. Reduces the pleasure of food consumption

What happens if you do?

1. Helps your savor the food and be aware of flavors and textures
2. Slows down the speed of eating and reduces hyperacidity
3. Chewing helps break down food particles for easy digestion
4. Improves metabolism
5. Aids in weight loss

How does it work?

After a meal, your gut suppresses a hunger hormone called ghrelin, which controls hunger while also releasing fullness hormones. These hormones tell your brain that you have eaten and make you feel satiated, so you stop eating. This entire process takes about 20 minutes. Slowing down gives your brain the time it needs to receive these signals.


1. Chew each bite 20 times
2. Use a fork to eat rice (whenever possible)
3. Divide your roti or bhakti into 12 bites
4. Eat fibrous foods that require a lot of chewing, such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts

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