Jiva Honey 1 kg


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In Ayurveda, honey is known as the “elixir of life.” Ancient Indian sages were known to survive on pure water and honey alone for an extended period of time because honey can provide all the essential nutrients to the human body. In modern times, pure honey is a rare commodity but Jiva has taken upon this herculean task to collect the purest honey from the best apiaries in India. Jiva Honey is sourced from multi-flora and organic environments, which are known to provide the best quality of honey. Multi-flora honey contains more nutrients than single-flower honey. The product goes through stringent quality tests and analysis to ensure superior quality and the best nutritional value. It is enriched with essential nutrients and antioxidants making it a great source of immunity booster and energy. It strengthens the body from within and also nourishes skin and hair when applied topically. It works as a shield to the body by enhancing the body’s ability to fight infections and increasing its defense mechanism against diseases. It also helps to heal external cuts and wounds.

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