Track your fitness progress

March 26, 2021
By Kaustubh Tambhale,
Exercise Coach

Having an exercise regime in place will always be beneficial. To know just how we are progressing, and to help us stay motivated, objective measures of our fitness play a great role. Without these, it is easy to lose sight of where we started from, where we’re heading, and whether it is in the right direction.

Having a measurable goal, and actually progressing towards it, makes it so much easier to stay motivated and stick to an exercise regime.

Start to measure simple components of fitness, such as:
1. How long does it take for us to walk or run 2 km?
2. How much distance can we cover in 20min?
3. How many squats can be completed without a break?

Along with this, observe body weight and composition.
This shows us how, and at what rate, we’re progressing, making it an effective way to set appropriately challenging goals for our exercise regime.


Measure the distance you can cover in your next walk or run this week. And compare/contrast it with your performance after 3 weeks. Maintaining such data keeps us motivated and accountable.

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