Technology Detox!

March 28, 2021
By Dr. Anand Godse,

Technology Detox!  Avoid technology devices once a week

A tech addict:

1. Using technology continuously can be a source of distraction
2. Think about how restless you get when you are unable to access technological devices
3. Not knowing about the number of likes and thumbs up on social media posts unnerves you

What happens if you don’t:

1. Technology devices have become must haves
2. It is difficult to imagine a single day without technology
3. Addiction to technology is a mental illnesses, according to the Manual for Psychological Illnesses

How does the tech detox work?

1. One experiences a reduction in mental overload
2. Alternative activities like gardening, cooking, singing, and art and craft with family and friends help calm you
3. Make this a habit and practice it for a month for a happier you

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