Tap on the Tap

March 28, 2021
By Swati Chandrasekhar,

Tap on the Tap Across India – we are gearing up for festivals and celebrations. For many, festive drinks will be part of the package. Take care you don’t throw all the health rules out the window in the name of festivals!

Let’s be aware of the effects of alcohol:
1. Spikes blood sugar
2. Increases blood pressure
3. Weakens immunity
4. Disturbs nutrient absorption

We’re not suggesting that you don’t drink at all this festive season
1. Confirm with your physician how much and how frequently you can drink
2. Set a limit of alcohol intake accordingly
3. Also remember, it’s a limit and not a goal

What is Mindful drinking? It’s all about being aware when drinking, how it makes you feel, and deciding if and when you really want to drink.


How to drink Mindfully
1. Delay the first drink
2. Keep track of your drinks and always pour your own drink if possible
3. Have a glass of water after every drink
4. Avoid adding sugary drinks like soda or cola
5. Avoid salted snacks, as they make you thirsty
6. Don’t let people top up your drink until it’s finished

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