Set a pre-sleep routine

March 26, 2021
By Kaustubh Tambhale,
Exercise Coach

A large number of individuals suffer from sleep deprivation and quality sleep. How we feel while awake is also greatly influenced by what happens when we’re sleeping.

A good bedtime routine helps us to destress, makes it easier to fall asleep, and enjoy quality sleep too. The right amount of sleep ensures we recover better from exercise, stress, and other physical and mental challenges. It makes us fitter, physically and emotionally.

Following a consistent routine each night helps reinforce healthy habits, and remits signals to our mind and body that bedtime is approaching. It is a time to wind down.


Set 20-30 minutes aside before bed to simply wind down. You can include light stretches, listen to relaxing music, or follow a guided relaxation/meditation audio. Reduce the lighting in the room, ensure you’re not exposed to screens or gadgets such as mobile phones/tablets etc. Now you are ready to sleep well!

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