Practice sitting without the chair

March 26, 2021
By Kaustubh Tambhale,
Exercise Coach

While chairs offer enough support, they encourage us to let go of all muscle tension and we tend to give in to poor posture. Prolonged sitting can make your hips tight and stiff, resulting in the loss of flexibility and a significant reduction in the range of motion in joints. This becomes a major cause of concern as we age.

Sitting on the floor in various poses (cross legged, squat, or on your knees) encourages you to automatically correct your posture, builds strength in the lower back and increases flexibility. Sitting on the floor encourages natural stability.

Without the support of a chair you are forced to engage your core for stabilization. While sitting on the floor, you easily stretch your hip flexors which tend to become tight and stiff from the prolonged use of chairs.


  1. Cut out leisure time on the sofa or on a dining table chair and sit on the floor instead
  2. Begin with a few seconds, and slowly increase the time as you get more comfortable

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