Pick up an arts linked hobby

March 28, 2021
By Dr. Anand Godse,

It is very interesting to identify your art based hobby. Aesthetics has a great role to play in expression and mental relaxation. This includes active and passive engagement in music, dance, movement, painting, and alike.

What happens if you don’t?

1. Work engagement these days is restricted to mental activities for many and therefore continuous thoughts
2. Excess engagement on technological devices is also a result of today’s work needs and increases strain on your eyes. The feeling of being drained due to work is common when recreation takes a back seat
3. One loses an opportunity to connect with other like minded individuals

What happens if you do?

1. Improves sensory motor responses
2. Improves expression and facilitates catharsis and pent up emotions
3. Improves connection with oneself
4. Increases compassion and sense of appreciation
5. Facilitates positive emotions
6. Increases engagement with your loved ones

How does it work?

1. Take an example of rhythm or music – it adds so much of energy into your mundane routine, and adds a smile
2. Take an example of painting and visual art – it gratifies your visual sense and makes you feel good and refreshes you
3. Take an example of dance, movement, and exercise – it induces endorphins and also regulates your other hormonal balance due to activity
4. Take an example of Yoga – it induces meditative brain waves that are helpful in healing
5. All in all Art takes you away from bothering thoughts and takes you to creativity
6. It’s a non verbal way of inner growth and development


1. Pick up a musical instrument or a hobby class
2. Connect with your friends who have similar interests
3. It’s not just about being great at it, but it’s about engaging with your art
4. Appreciate the learning moments during your journey of learning an art
5. Share your experiences with your family and friends

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