Observe the predominant emotion of the day !

March 28, 2021
By Dr. Anand Godse,

More awareness about emotional changes also helps in the health actions. Emotions are closely related to your motivation for exercise and other health practices.

What happens if you don’t?

How is emotion and health related?

1. Emotional changes are as much an effect as much it is a cause of health behaviors
2. Many studies have shown connections in emotional instability and chronic illnesses
3. In the Indian wisdom concepts of Rasa and Bhaav increase meaningfulness in the engagement. Being disconnected with the experience in the here and now leads to discord at physical and mental level

What Happens if you do?

How to observe one’s own emotion?

1. Your  exercise schedule or yoga schedule can be the time to contemplate and reflect
2. Observe your own talks, communication and excitement levels during interpersonal interactions
3. Observe yourself while you are preparing to sleep for a couple of minutes
4. Take a pause before your meal and or tea to check your mental state
5. Observe yourself when making decisions

How does it work?

Take it easy and make this a joyful activity!

1. The idea is not of directly trying to control your emotions but observe first
2. Observations and a good tool for predictions
3. Also, combine your observations with Smit Fit end of the day summary to get the feel for the day

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