Healthy eating

March 28, 2021
By Swati Chandrasekhar,

Let’s manage your healthy eating habits during festivals and family feasts. This is the time when we all love to enjoy with friends and family, feasting on traditional meals. The temptation to indulge may be high, but with a little careful planning, your nutritional regimen need not be compromised.

It’s about people, and not about food!
1. Concentrate on socializing, making new acquaintances, and enjoying yourself
2. Spend time chatting with relatives, or reminiscing with your old friends. Think about what you are celebrating, without focusing on the food

Plan before you eat!

1. Have a healthy bite before you leave for the party – a fruit, a cube of cheese, or an egg
2. When you arrive at the venue, check out all the food options and decide which foods you can enjoy without deviating from your good eating habits. Remember, it is OK to have some treats, just keep the calorie count low

Let’s enjoy without over-indulging!

1. Never arrive on an empty stomach or skip lunch so you can splurge on dessert. Skipping meals can cause you to overeat and consume more calories than you normally would
2. Offer to bring a healthy dish to a festive potluck: This not only provides you with a good menu option, but your host will greatly appreciate the help
3. Avoid excessive alcohol: Alcohol is high in calories, and has virtually no nutrients. Instead, save your calories for the main meal
4. Sit beyond arm’s reach of finger foods and starters
5. Serve yourself small portions: It allows you to control your calorie intake, yet enjoy all the different items on the table
6. Eat slowly. Take small bites and savor every bite of your meal. Pace yourself and try to be the last person to finish each course
7. Lastly, leave the table once you are done. If you linger at the table, you may be tempted to continue eating even if you are not hungry Instead, offer to help with dishes, clear the table, or simply take a walk in the corridor

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