5 New Year Resolutions Worth Making

December 27, 2021
By Swati Chandrasekhar,

It is that time of the year when most of us are busy making ambitious resolutions to start the new year. While most struggle, only a few will live up to that promise they made to themselves. The simple start they did was- resolve to start small and start taking baby steps to reach any fitness goal. Most of them focused on one step at a time.

Making your new year resolutions happen

Here’s how we can start with our versions of simple achievable resolutions.

  1. HYDRATE DAILY While the act of drinking water seems to be so simple, many of us find it as a herculean task to drink the standard “8 glasses per day”. Water is easily within our reach it’s calorie-free, fat-free, and gives you a quenching boost. Here are some tips to make it easy to resolve.
    • Start the day with a glass of warm water
    • Keep a bottle by your workstation and resolve to finish it before lunch and the refill by day end
    • More water means more visits to the washroom. Every time before you return to your seat, have one glass of water.
  2. ADD PROTEIN TO EVERY MEAL While calorie counting has been “the thing” while following a diet plan, the most ignored aspect of healthy eating is the intake of protein. Adequate intake of proteins will improve your body tone, boost weight loss and play a vital role in managing blood sugar. Let’s look at adding protein-rich foods to the diet meal-wise to make it easier to remember and execute.
    • Breakfast: Milk, yoghurt, whey, eggs, boiled pulses, soy milk, almond milk
    • Lunch: Curd, buttermilk, sprouts, paneer, simmered chicken, lean meats, fish, tofu, dals
    • Dinner: Dal, kadhi, dal soups, Sattu, grilled meats, paneer, soy products, egg, fish

    While you do this, try and avoid processed meats like sausages, bacon, salami, nuggets, etc.

  3. ADD COLOURS TO YOUR MEALS Time and again we at SMIT.FIT have been talking about including colourful foods in daily meals. Every time you choose to consume colourful produce, you are choosing an army of disease-fighting plant compounds. So take a pause when you shop and reach out for a rainbow for your plate. Once the shopping is done try these easy tips to use the produce.
    • Assign a colour for every day. Like Mondays are red with tomatoes and berries, while Tuesdays are green with leafy vegetables and kiwis.
    • Include your family members and apply a point system for choosing foods as per the theme
    • Rotate the shopping pattern to avoid boredom by picking a new fruit or vegetable the next time you shop.
  4. SAY NO TO MINDLESS MUNCHING While munching seems like a harmless habit to some, many of us are victims of this very discreet behaviour which is responsible for uncontrolled weight gain and insulin surges in people living with diabetes. Be it a friendly chat around the dinner table or watching a gripping show, one can keep nibbling. Try these tips for managing these munchies:
    • Eat Fennel or Mukhwas or a mouth freshener immediately after meals
    • Brush and floss your teeth
    • Avoid consuming meals or eating in front of the screens
    • Keep holding a bottle of water or a mug of hot water and keep your hands busy.
    • Clean the dinner table as soon as possible
  5. DO IT AS A TEAM Resolutions have a higher success rate if made as a team. It not only helps us succeed, but you can reach out for help and motivation and at the same time offer the same to your team members. Let’s make it simpler for you:
    • Look for a buddy: Consider teaming with family members or friends with similar goals
    • Share your ideas and plan team activities
    • Tackle temptations and share healthy recipes on group media
    • Ensure you socialize with non-food events like walking in the park, hiking to a nearby hill or movies ( minus popcorn ☺ )

So go ahead and make a resolution! SMIT.FIT will help you take these baby steps to reach your ultimate fitness goals and just watch how far you can go.

For more insights on healthy eating, check our blog Healthy eating. Alternately, you can download the app to take a quick health assessment. Leave us a message to get in touch with you and know more.

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