Create Time and Energy for Health – now and always

March 28, 2021
By Swati Chandrasekhar,

Create Time and Energy for Health – now and always

Following a diet takes a commitment that goes beyond eating differently. You can find the energy to follow a diet only if you make time.

Step 1: Find out how much time time it will take in your day and week to:

1. Plan the meal
2. Shop for the foods you’ll need
3. Prepare the meals
4. Sit down and eat your meals peacefully
5. Exercise

Step 2: Steal some time from daily activities:
1. Get out of bed a few minutes earlier each day
2. Watch TV while preparing or planning your meals rather than while sitting on the couch
3. Cut down on time spent on social media to plan and prep the next meal
4. Keep a pair of walking shoes handy – walk to the office, supermarket, and wherever you can

Step 3: Find more ways to create time:
1. Observe: Understand clearly how you’re currently spending your time
2. Delegate: Negotiate with family to divide household chores and grocery shopping
3. Cut back: Reschedule chores from daily to a weekly frequency
4. Eliminate: Get rid of tasks that eat into your exercise schedule


Sample Time Sheet:
It would be interesting to caoculate how many hours a day do you spend in:
1. Work
2. Child care
3. Household tasks (cooking, cleaning, etc.)
4. Exercise
5. Watching TV
6. Emails and Social media
7. Personal phone calls
8. Social commitments

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