Breaking this habit

March 28, 2021
By Swati Chandrasekhar,

Breaking this habit

The pandemic has changed our eating habits, and we now find ourselves eating while in front of the computer, television, and even while staring at a mobile screen. It’s time to break this habit!

What happens if you don’t?

1. You eat more than what you eat in a regular meal
2. You might not feel satiated
3. You binge on junk food
4. TV commercials entice you to opt for unhealthy food choices
5. You are at risk of becoming obese with unmindful eating habits

What happens if you do?

1. You pay more attention to the food you’re putting into your mouth with the plating, aroma and texture
2. Food becomes more satisfying
3. You easily sense cues that you’ve eaten enough
4. You now choose quality over quantity and eat mindfully
5. You soon start enjoying the process of healthy eating

How does it work?

1. When you turn off the screens and eat, the concept of mindful eating kicks in
2. Your mind is now focused on the act of eating
3. Switching off the screen will heighten the enjoyment of eating
4. You begin to realize how much and what you have already eaten
5. You soon become attuned to feeling satiated


1. Always eat or drink in a designated dining area
2. Set a rule to eat and then head to the screen
3. Declare screens off in the dining area
4. Work on plating even the simplest meal aesthetically

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